Pictures - March 2007

Here are some recent photos celebrating the arrival of spring and enjoying the longer evenings. There are some of the girls enjoying a trip to the park at Llamas land. Isabelle loves to climb and Grace loves to swing - although in typical spring time weather the trip was cut short by a hail storm. Grace and Isabelle went out in scooters and bikes the first evening after the clocks went forward. Grace is so proud of her bike (without pedals). Then to celebrate our wedding anniversary, the girls and I left Tim in Cambridge and disappeared back to Birmingham before my parents went on holiday and Isabelle's swimming course. We met up with my Granny and Uncle John (Granny Mary and Grandpa John) to visit Ray's Farm where we stroked newborn lambs and goats. We then went for a walk at the Farm with some wonderful wood carvings. Then we had another trip to a park.