Pictures - Oct 06

We have photos of Isabelle in her new school uniform getting ready for her 1st day at school. She is loving school - coming home each day with a new sound and action learned, although the answer to the question "What did you do at school?" is typically "I can't remember." However, as I can watch her at playtimes out of my classroom window I can see she is having a great time! She is also proudly showing off her new haircut. She came 2nd in a colouring competition and won a crown and wand as you can see!

Then we have photos of Grace's 2nd birthday. We had a great day with Tim's mum, my parents and Ben and Zoe (Grace's godparents). We gave her, together with Tim's mum and my parents, some Fairyland stuff - which she has spent a large part of today (the 8th) playing with. It is very very girly and fab! (Tim hates it!!!). Grace demanded a dog cake. I asked her if she wanted a chocolate cake or a sponge cake or a fruit cake and the answer came "No - dog cake.". So Tim made it and Grace blew out her candles and has spent the rest of the weekend showing us how she did it! I made her biscuits shaped like cats to take to nursery, although she was disappointed as she opened her 1st present on Saturday as it did not contain biscuits. I think she thinks birthdays = biscuits! For pressies she got lots of Fairyland stuff, a tea set, some books, some CDs, a helium balloon (the best thing!), a speaking doll ("hello - my name is Lilly. You can count on me" which also speaks french), a laptop toy and a remote control ladybird (which Isabelle has her eye on). Grace loved playing with the ladybird - trying to get it go through her legs. Tim and I were very impressed with how well she picked it up. Anyway the girls went to bed, a babysitter came round and all the adults (and Tim) went out for a yummy dinner!

Today my parents and us went to a park with Isabelle on her bike (with my dad desperately trying to keep with her) and Grace in her pushchair (she thinks going in her pushchair is such a treat as we hardly use it anymore.) She was very sad when Granny and Grandpa went - lying on the floor in the hallway, crying and kicking the door. Here come the terrible 2s!