Pictures - July 2006

I am sitting here writing this in the middle of a thunderstorm, hot and sweaty and watching amazing forks of lightning light up the sky. Today is a significant day in the life of Isabelle - the end of the 1st chapter of her life. Isabelle excitied because it was her "leaving day" at nursery and me sad because my little girl is growing up all too fast. I remember the first day she had at nursery - I cried as I left my tiny three month old with a stranger called Sam and today I cried as I picked her from that "stranger". I am sad to say goodbye to all the friends Isabelle has made along the way - Xanthe, Killian, Oscar, Susannah, Soirse - some of whom we still see when we pick Grace up, others have disappeared, leaving just happy memories. Anyway enough sadness - to celebrate we took Isabelle and Grace to the park. It always amazes me how much Grace copies Isabelle - what ever Isabelle does Grace has to do to. At the park, for instance, if Isabelle is on the slide Grace must also be on the slide. Then Tim took us for supper at Browns - how very St. Faith's darling! All I need now is my Chelsea tractor and I know I'll fit right in as a St. Faith's mummy! Both girls continue to amaze me with their abilites - Isabelle with her reading and writing. She is such a little girl - "What would you like to do today?" I ask and the answer is always the same "colouring". She loves Ballet and doing shows, loves swimming (but not getting her face wet), going to the park, riding her bicycle and pink and purple and silver and gold. She loves reading stories and clothes shopping ("Is this too much pink?" she asks!). But most of all Isabelle loves her daddy - "Daddy come and help me!" Grace is also very much a Daddy's girl (is it any wonder I crave a little boy?). "Daddy up" she says the minute Tim gets in from work! Her language development is amazing - a word a day. We have road roller, lightning, Browns etc etc. She has a sweet voice and her misprouncations are endering. She is such a different chacter to Isabelle - Grace knows her own mind and she is soo independent. She wants to get dressed without any help - "no" she says crossly with her bottom lip sticking out.

Anyway the thunder storm has past and Tim has told me I am supposed to be describing the photos. The first one is of the girls in our garden both with cool hats - it was another hot evening and they were supposed to be getting ready for bed hence why Isabelle is in her dressing gown. She is wearing her school hat and Grace is wearing my sun hat! The next couple of photos are of a bike ride when my parents came visiting. Grace does love fruit, especially Strawberries! We took some photos of a friend's third birthday party (Abbie - they are just for you.) I loved the dress Hannah was wearing and so I went straight home and bought ones for the girlies. Then we have some of our trip to the Orchard with Tim's mum for cakes - it was a beautiful summer's day and not too hot. It did take us about 3 hours to get home though because Grace decided to walk most of the way back. Check out the shadow photo - amazing (taken by my talented husband). Then we come to photos taken today at the park and at Browns. Next week we are off on holiday (sans Tim) so there will be more photos soon.